Monday, January 6, 2014

My Heart Swells

OH HELLO 2014!

I just have to say that one of my best
discoveries in blogland was finding the online journal "A Holy Experience".

I visited this morning...something I don't always have time to do.

My heart just began to swell with hope, joy, and glorious expectation of what this new year may hold for me spiritually.

I look around and wonder, "How Lord?"

"How can I accomplish this?"  "This is
too big and too much for me"

These truths Ann shared helped me to focus.

Looking back, it had been hard and it had been beautiful and it had been ugly and it had all been grace

And looking forward, she would smile braver. 
This would be the year of No Fear. 
She would murmur it: “Happy No-Fear New Year!”
She preached Gospel to herself:
Sure, Mount Everest might loom in front of you, that mountain you have to climb in the next 364 days.
But the deal is:  
Every mountain that every Christian ever faces, the Lord levels with sufficient grace: The Lord Will Provide.

You don’t have to climb mountains named I Will Perform.
You don’t have to climb mountains named I Will Produce.

If you haven't taken the opportunity to visit Ann, I hope you will.  So much encouragement, joy, real much Jesus! Just love it!!

To read more of this post, and see Ann's year in photos just click HERE!

May you find Jesus to be ALL you truly need in 2014!!
Joyful Hugs to You All,


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  1. I agree Becky, her blog is completely inspiring and I am so happy you mentioned it before. I popped right over and have enjoyed it immensely since then.



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