Friday, December 27, 2013

Ann Voscamp-The One Way You can Keep Opening the Presents

There is a blog I visit that I am always completely blessed and nourished is the blog of Ann Voscamp...
Jesus lover, wife, mother, author, speaker.

Ann, like many of us, is down to earth, living out her faith in Christ through the day to day clamor and mess of real life...
and loving and praising Jesus through it all.

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She has written a post called:
This post is so will miss out if you don't read it and soak it in.

I committed my New Year to the Lord this morning, and so look forward to all He has planned!!
Every day {every minute} is a fabulous adventure with Him!!

Hugs and Blesssings
to you in 2014!!


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  1. Yes, she is amazing and has such profound words to share! Happy New Year!


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