Sunday, July 22, 2012

Showers of Grace

Hi Sweet Friends!

Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend,
and that God is just blessing your socks off!

He's been doing a little reckoning with me.

You know, I always want Him to be in control,
yet sometimes I hop in the driver's seat, and
just go for spin!!

And even if nothing goes terribly wrong, I still
just come up empty and feel out of sync.

Well, that is because I AM out of sync.
I'm out of sync with Him and the leading
of His Holy Spirit.

When we take the wheel of our lives,
even if only in seemingly small decisions,
we are exalting ourselves, and that is never good.

God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.
James 4:6

Pride says,  "I can do this.  I can take 
the wheel."  

It exalts us and not Him.

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I don't know about you, but I want
God's grace all over me!!

Literally, showers of grace
raining down on me...

So, when I read in James, Cleanse your hands, you sinners,
and purify your hearts, you double-minded,
I knew He was speaking
straight.  to.  me.

Forgive me Lord, for the times when I don't
seek your leading, and pridefully go my own way.
In my heart I know nothing good comes from it,
yet still I'm prone to wander.

Purify my heart, and strengthen me to seek
and do Your will ONLY.
Then I will experience pure grace,
mercy, love, joy and hope!!

Showers of grace,
rain down on me!

May His grace be with you,
lovely friends!

Hugs and prayers for a wonderful week!


  1. Hi sweetie, I never found out if you resolved the issue with the spiders-I pray so. Becky, this post so spoke to me, I'm right there with you. Lately, I've come to realize that my stubborn, selfish ways have robbed my sweet man of blessings when I've refused to see things his way. I wonder how many blessings have slipped by, from the Lord, because I choose to try and be in control. Forgive me Lord!
    Love you sis.

  2. Wow! Becky, your words went straight to my heart. I know that I want God's will only, but I have taken the reins way too many times. It's a struggle, but I know that the Holy Spirit helps us to let God be in control.
    A pastor I used to know put it this way: When we say to the Father, "Your will, not mine," we're actually saying "You make the choice for me God. What You choose is what I want, not what I choose." Just by saying it that way, it spoke to me where I was.
    Anyway, the scripture of the day for me is Philippians 2:13, For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure. I know He'll give me the willingness and the ability to choose what pleases Him.
    Love ya girlfriend!

  3. God bless you, sweet friend, as you speak words of Truth to each one of us.

  4. Beautiful Becky! I need His Grace on me daily as well.

  5. Hi Becky,
    I love your new blog. We all need each other to be able to pray with and encourage one another. I agree with you that God is in control and we need to allow Him to be. I was recently praying about something that was very important and God told me no. Even though it was tough that things weren't working out as I had planned, I have to simply accept that the answer was no and trust in His plan for me. I hope you have a lovely Sunday.



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