Friday, July 13, 2012

My Heart's Desire

Hi and welcome to One Joyful Soul!

It is my hope and heart's desire that 
you will find encouragement, hope, beauty,
inspiration, and joy here!

This blog is intended to be a sort
of sanctuary, a place of quietness
and inspiration, and not a place
to debate what I believe.

I welcome your kind and thoughtful
comments and questions,
and will answer them to the best of my ability.

and yes...

{He makes all things beautiful in His time.}
Ecclesiastes 3:11

Do you know that when God says "all", He
really means "ALL"?

Is there anything in your life today that
is looking a bit messy and unmanageable?

I know there is in mine.
{I am a work in progress, you know?}

God wants to come alongside you, and walk
with you through it, and bring you out of it into
beauty and rest.

Just chat with Him.
He is available 24/7 with no waiting line!
He knows all about it already,
and has been waiting for you to ask
for His help.  He is the perfect gentleman and
doesn't push Himself on you.

A two word phrase that I love...
just trust.

I will be praying for you and all who visit
One Joyful Soul.

I look forward with delight
to getting to know you,
and to sharing the wonder
of God's amazing grace .

May your day be filled with
gentle blessings,



  1. Thank you, Becky! This is certainly a blessing. God is so good!!!
    May His face shine on you today.

  2. Hi girl, So how come you aren't keeping me up to date on your new things-blog names, new blogs...? Seriously I am so pleased to see this blog too-it represents who you are.
    Sending love your way today.

  3. Good morning, Becky. I am so excited to see what God is going to do through you with this new blog. I didn't look on the sidebar yet, but is there a way to be notified through email when you are posting? I will go back up and check. Just want to make sure I don't miss what you have for us.

    Blessings to you. Amy

  4. Just saw the email box. Thanks...

  5. Well, this was a pleasant surprise.............
    Look forward to reading more.

    Talk with you soon,
    Love ya, Nellie

  6. Just what I need, a place of quiet and rest. Hope you have a nice day, and yes, prayers would be nice. Thanks.

  7. What a lovely blog!! Congrats on your grandbaby news. That is very exciting!!

  8. Hi Becky,

    Lovely new blog and thanks for sharing.
    I look forward to coming back again to visit.


  9. Hello dear friend. I look forward to visit your new blog and what it has to offer, can't wait.

    xo, abby

  10. I choose joy, too. Joy has been my life word since my cancer diagnosis ( 9 year survivor). Nehemiah 8:10 was the verse that sustained me through it:
    The Joy of the Lord is your strength.
    Look forward to your blog.

  11. What a beautiful new canvas! Can't wait for new inspiring posts! I choose joy too, always.
    Monica x

  12. Hi Becky,
    I am delighted to have found my way to this new blog, I feel the energy as I sit and type this comment, and it is all about JOY....and if I may be so bold as to add one more word, a favorite of mine, HOPE....I'll be back;-)

  13. Good morning Becky,
    Just wanted you to know that of all the days you could have come over for a visit you came just at the right time. When I read your comment just a few minutes ago I thought I would come over to say hi and thank you for stopping by when I saw you had a new blog....please believe me when I say I needed to read your beautiful words especially today. My heart is a bit lighter today. Your prayer is much appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  14. I just found your blog and want to say how much God's words and your encouragement meant to me today. I also love the rest of the ute things you make. Carole

  15. I am so glad that I found your site today. God's words and your encouragement is just what I needed today. I also liked the cute things that you made. Carole


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