Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Buried and Alive!

Hello Friends.
It's been way too long.

Saw this today, and it spoke to me
because it is exactly where I am.

And there truly is no better place!!

It won't take away all we deal with,
but knowing that I am buried in 
His grace is what helps
me put one foot in front of the other
to keep climbing the mountains in
my life.

His grace is life sustaining...
more so than food or water.
So I cling to the Vine,
and somehow...
with all the sometimes tangled
mess of my life,
the Vinedresser snips and prunes, and manages to cultivate plump juicy spiritual fruit in me.

Wonder of wonders...
that He would so lovingly tend to
all that concerns me...
and always...ALWAYS,
make something beautiful out of it all.

So incredibly thankful,
aren't you?

Splash some joy around, 
and have a wonderful week!



  1. Yes I am very thankful for his wonderful grace. J can tell you are too. Enjoy and bask in his love. Blessings!

  2. Hi girl, Oh Becky what a wonderful saying....think I'll have to copy it.
    I wonder what is going on in your world; probably so much busyness with babies and crafts and keeping a home. Email me when you can, we need to catch up!
    Love and hugs,

  3. Oh, there is no better place...thank you for the reminder. Your blog is like a little slice of home!

  4. I found your blog by accident.. well I guess it wasn't an accident I was lead here:)I have copied the saying above. My father just passed away 6 weeks ago... I am really having a time going on. He lived with us for 6 years and I loved every single minute. He was such a good friend he was my best cheerleader whether it was about my vintage business or being a mom he was always there for me... ALWAYS a positive attitude even though he was in so much pain.. Thank you so much for sharing this post!!!


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