Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Hurrieder I Go...

The behinder I get!!

At least that is how I am feeling today!

Soo many things calling to me for attention.

Never enough time for them all!

I'm so thankful that God will
direct the steps of His children,
aren't you?

May He order my footsteps and yours today,
and lead us in the way we should go.

Hugs and Joy!


  1. Hi sweetie, Oh what joy to hear your voice today-sorry I didn't catch you though. Things are good here, hubby and I go away for a few days next week and I can't wait. Praying for you today best friend;I'll call soon.
    Hugs & Love,

  2. Hi Becky, This is all so beautiful and precious, I have a photo like the one you posted of the pathway. I was on a walk with my little girl and found a path I never had been on, and it is oh so similar to the one you have. I just Love Jesus and how he is so wonderful in his ways. Your blog is wonderful, May the joy of the LORD fill you to the fullest.

    Pearl 13.1


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