Saturday, February 22, 2014

So Trivial

Do you ever have any spiritual
Ah-Ha moments?

Lately I have had some smallish ones.
Little did I know that they were the forerunners to a much larger one.

One that was so big...
I have been forever changed.

I suddenly realized, through viewing a photo
journal of places around the world that
are full of war, extreme poverty, and despair, that my problems,
or anything I might call a problem,
just really aren't problems at all.

In the big scheme of things...
most are just so trivial.
After being shown my foolish and
selfish ways, I found myself once again 
absolutely ASTOUNDED
at the grace of God.

Astounded at how He loves me...all of me...
even when I am not "getting it".

And He loves me until I do "get it".

Unfathomable grace,
for an undeserving soul.

Lord, may my heart and life reflect
the radiance of your love to those around
me, and may I not turn away from those 
in need, no matter where they are.



  1. Hi Becky, I take great delight in reading and visiting both of your lovely blogs. The things you make and sell are delightful and lovely as well :)

    Thank you for stopping by and leaving a kind comment.

    Have a blessed day :)

  2. Becky, from someone who knows you, your life is always filled with the light of the Lord, and you shine for Him always. You are a great witness of his love and light.


    Sheila :-)

  3. incredibly beautiful your work, love it. Happy day from Spain


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